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Gripple Fast Trak - Low Profile

Gripple Fast Trak - Low Profile
If the dimensions of the components are critical to your project, then please confirm with one of our sales team.

Product Details

A space efficient low profile pre-fabricated trapeze bracket. Ideal for use with electrical containment, pipework and mechanical services in ultra-restricted ceiling spaces.

Key features

  • Quick - up to six times faster to install than traditional suspension systems
  • Space saver – 21mm bracket depth is more low profile than standard Fast Trak™ range
  • Safe - pre-fabricated system removes the need to cut threaded rod or channel on-site
  • Tool-free - brackets can be moved up and down the tracks to accommodate changes in position during installation
  • Easy measurement – indicators at each end of the bracket offer measurement guide when marking fixing points on the ceiling; M4 level markers on the tracks highlight 50 mm increments, no leveling tools required
  • Neat & tidy - system can be 'stacked' on-site to reduce storage requirements.
  • Zero waste – tracks bend neatly under bracket*
  • Fire tested – to F120 to the temperatures associated with BS EN 1363-1:2020. Independent test data with load limits and exposure times is available upon request from Gripple Technical Services.

*Excess tracks can also be snapped off once bracket is levelled & secured for a neater finish. Bending tracks by hand is not recommended when excess is under 100 mm.

Please note, the below table shows load rating performance at ambient temperatures; for fire performance, please refer to the Gripple Fire Rated Product Matrix

Technical Data
Load Rating Safety Factor
Single Point Load 15kg - 150kg (Depending on width) 3:1
Uniformly Distributed Load 30kg - 195kg (Depending on width) 3:1

Fast Trak® - Low Profile can be mounted in multiple different ways including: shot fire, drop-in anchor, concrete screw, wood screw or wedge anchor. Please check load ratings of fixings as these may differ to the Fast Trak system SWL. Fast Trak™ has a significantly faster installation time than traditional methods - to prove it, we put it to the test! Watch the video below to find out more.

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