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Our Areas Of Expertise

View more Aerospace


Cutting edge aerospace equipment needs the best components. After all, there’s a good chance it could be sent into space! Our fittings are used in every step of the construction process – from the cranes for lifting heavy parts to the cockpit, throttle and propeller pitch of the aircraft themselves.

View more Agriculture & Forestry

Agriculture & Forestry

We stock a huge range of products to ensure the smooth running of the UK’s Agricultural sector. This include fittings for transport vehicles and even the wire rope that’s used in orchard netting. If you’re looking for that missing component, the chances are we have it.

View more Architectural & Structural

Architectural & Structural

Trends in architecture come and go but the use of steel wire rope to ensure structural integrity and an impressive look remains constant. You can use our products for their high performance, heavy load-bearing capabilities and timeless aesthetic features.

View more Automotive


The increased demand on automotive processes means manufacturers are always looking for ways to cut costs on components while still ensuring quality. This is where we come in. Our products are strong, sturdy and more reliable compared to traditional alternatives.

View more Construction


We know that every construction project is fraught with safety and precision concerns. That’s why you should only pick the best products for the job. We stock a wide range of products to ensure every process runs smoothly – from lifting to clamping and more.

View more Cranes & Lifting

Cranes & Lifting

We excel at heavy lifting! In fact, it’s at the heart of everything we do. If you’re after the strongest chains, straps or steel wire ropes to lighten the heavy loads of your building project then you’ve come to the right place.

View more Defence & Security

Defence & Security

Tough-wearing and military grade, our product is integral to a whole range of defense equipment. From communication towers to explosive devices.

View more Entertainment


The bigger the show, the better we get. We stock fittings for theatres around the world, even as far as China. If you’re in charge of a large production you need fittings that not only bear the heaviest load but blend in with the set. Fortunately, we’ve got just what you need to help the show go on.

View more Railways


Steel wire rope has been an important part of the railway industry since the 1830s. You could even say the two industries grew up together. Our products are still used today for a variety of functions such as pulling cable trolleys, lifting/lowering, building racks and more.

View more Leisure


Enjoy zip lining or obstacle courses? The chances are you’ve used many of our products without realising it. Our fittings are key components of the equipment used in extreme activities ensuring flexibility, strength and maximum safety when in use.

View more OEM's & Manufacturers

OEM's & Manufacturers

Working closely with the biggest global manufacturers, we create the parts that make their products tick.

View more Marine


Nautical equipment not only has to be very tough wearing but look good too – especially for high end products. Our steel wire rope and fittings are expertly made for optimal performance in harsh ocean environments.

View more Material Handling

Material Handling

Choose SWR as the home for your material handling equipment. We keep a huge range of products in stock so will be able to meet your needs quickly, efficiently and fully certified. Whatever your industry may be.

View more Medical


We are proud to say our product is used in a lot of medical equipment that has revolutionised the industry. Our close work with market leaders from around the world has led to breakthrough technologies – including advanced robotics for use in hospitals.

View more Mining


The mining industry cannot function without the use of steel wire rope. This is especially true for the lowering and lifting of heavy loads. Our rope is reliable, reasonably priced and easy to replace when needed.

View more Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Similar to mining, the oil and gas industry need steel wire rope to work in hazardous environments. We only manufacture the best product which is fully tested to ensure it thrives in harsh conditions. The versatility of our parts mean they can be used in a range of functions.

View more Pest Control

Pest Control

Keeping the pests at bay can be a problem for many industries. A wide range of our parts are key in making the best equipment available – whether that’s high tensile netting or wired fences for keeping wildlife away.

View more PPE & Safety

PPE & Safety

Here at SWR, we take safety very seriously. All fixings and ropes go through extensive checks from our designated quality team which means everything is fully certified. No wonder we supply products to many of the market leaders in the height safety and fall arrest markets.


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