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Fuse and tapering is the process of using extremely high heat to soften metal so it’s easier to manipulate.

During the fusing and tapering process, the wire rope strands get so hot they fuse together. The rope is then twisted and pulled at the same time which breaks the rope into two. This results in the complete sealing of wire rope strands and a slightly tapered finished at the end of the rope. It is then cooled slowly to prevent breakage.

Our fully trained production team can fuse and taper wire rope ends in all diameters. Advanced annealing techniques ensure the wire rope ends are properly sealed for that perfect conically tapered finish. This means it won’t unravel or flare open when handled and is impossible to untwist. Fuse and tapering also makes wire rope easier to install into a range of different fittings.

  • Why Choose Us
  • Fuse and taper wire rope up to 28mm in diameter
  • 30 years of experience providing bespoke services
  • In-house team of LEEA accredited engineers work to your specifications
  • Components are fully traceable and certified to ISO9001


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