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Gripple Express

Gripple Express

Product Details

Gripple Express is the fastest locking device solution for fast suspension of signage, shopfitting display and lighting. It has been designed with a clever keyless release mechanism.

What's Included

All our Standard Gripple products are supplied in ready-to-use kits. Including:

  • A length of wire (Available in 1,2,3,4,5 and 10 metres)
  • Pre-crimped End Fixing (See available fixings below)
  • Gripple Express

How to Chose the Right Size

A simple formula to determine the correct Gripple size is:
Weight per metre x distance between hangers

An example of this would be - 15kg load per metre x 2m between hangers = 30kg
This would mean the minimum size required would be No.2 Gripple

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Technical Data
Gripple Size Safe Working Load Buy Online
No.1 0 - 15 kg   Buy Now
No. 2 15 - 45 kg   Buy Now

Available End Fixings

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