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Gripple C-Clip

Gripple C-Clip

Product Details

Catenary Systems

The Dynamic range is designed specifically for suspending high load and dynamic applications including cold room ceilings, HVAC, mechanical and electrical services. The Dynamic range can be installed quickly, and is engineering with an integral lock, which locks the wire in both channels simultaneously. Using the tensioning tool the system can be easily tensioned and re-tensioned.


Ideal for suspending objects from 6mm and 3mm wire. The C-Clip is adjustable by pressing the cams on the sides, making it quick to install and un-install. These lock solidly in place even at angles up to 60°.

What's Included

Supplied in ready-to-use kits. Including:

  • A length of wire (Available in 1,2,3,4,5 and 10 metres)
  • Catenary product

How to Chose the Right Size

Please contact us for full technical specification and certification.

Technical Data
Gripple Size Safe Working Load Safety Factor
D3 0-30 kg 5:1
D6 0-100 kg 5:1
C-Clip (3mm) 0-10 kg 5:1
C-Clip (6mm) 0-45 kg 5:1

Available End Fixings

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