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Gripple Trapeze

Gripple Trapeze

Product Details

Trapeze No.2 & No.3

Gripple Trapeze is ideal for fast suspension of cable containment, air conditioning cassettes, chilled beams, etc. The tapered design accommodates all slots sizes and discreetly fits completely inside the channel. Gripple Trapeze can be pre-fitted onto channel to ease working at height and the unique Gripple designed pin allows for rapid adjustment. Available seperately for multi-tiered installations.

Trapeze no.3+

Channel suspension made even more secure and durable with added features including locking screw. Gripple Trapeze No.3+ can be pre-installed onto channel using the M10 washer/nut which is supplied and the easy-to-use integral adjustment button allows for rapid adjustment. It is also fire rated with certain end-fixings but it is advised to contact Gripple for full technical specification and certification.

Cable Basket Adaptor

The Cable Basket Adaptor is ideal for fixing cable basket with wire diameter up to 6mm. Designed for use with Trapeze No.2 to suspend cable baskets up to 6mm wire diameter. Supplied as read to use Trapeze kit with a range of end fixings.

What's Included

All our Standard Gripple products are supplied in ready-to-use kits. Including:

  • A length of wire (Available in 1,2,3,4,5 and 10 metres)
  • Pre-crimped End Fixing (See available fixings below)
  • Gripple Trapeze

How to Chose the Right Size

A simple formula to determine the correct Gripple size is:
Weight per metre x distance between hangers

An example of this would be - 15kg load per metre x 2m between hangers = 30kg
This would mean the minimum size required would be No.2 Gripple

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Technical Data
Gripple Size Safe Working Load Safety Factor Buy Online
No. 2 0 - 45 kg 5:1   Buy Now
No. 3 0 - 90 kg 5:1   Buy Now
No. 3+ 0 - 90 kg 5:1   Buy Now

Available End Fixings

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