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The Use of Wire Rope in Garden Trellis

Thought wire rope was just for heavy industrial use? Think again! It’s a highly versatile product with countless applications across multiple sectors. A lesser known use of wire rope is in the construction of trellis for gardens. But do you know what a trellis is? Find out below:

What is a Trellis?

A trellis is a framework of wooden or metal bars used as a support for fruit trees or creepers. Typically fastened against a wall. It’s the ideal way to support growing plants and a centrepiece of any outdoor space.

Trellis have traditionally served a functional purpose for architecture but an increasing number of people realise it can be an eye-catching addition to their garden.

Why Use Wire Rope for Garden Trellis?

Compared to other materials such as wood or plastic, wire rope is simply better. It’s stronger, tougher and made to withstand the harsh British weather-especially if it’s galvanized or made of stainless steel. Certain types of wire rope are also extremely flexible, just what you need if the plants or vines growing along your trellis are particularly heavy.

There is an aesthetic reason for choosing wire rope too. Although it’s widely used in major industries, wire rope is also becoming popular for projects around the home. For example, property owners are now turning to wire rope for balustrade, fencing and decking thanks to its minimalist yet eye-catching appearance.

Thinking of building a Trellis?

Our kits comes with everything you could possibly need to construct a strong, attention-grabbing trellis for your garden. It’s surprisingly easy to install as well and includes pre-defined sizes of wire for use straight out the box.

Take a look at our green wall trellis kit page for more information.

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