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Students Learn About Health & Safety at SWR

We take health and safety very seriously at SWR. Which is why it’s important to us that young people (some of which could very well be the next generation of SWR apprentices) are clued up on it as early as possible. Recently, students from Astley Cooper School visited our offices for an introduction to this most essential of topics.

The students were greeted and given an SWR study pack. They were then taken to our meeting room for a health and safety workshop. We aimed for the session to be as interactive as possible, something that Work-Based Learning Student, Jake Ashpole, appreciated.

Jake said: “I found the workshop really interesting and helpful. I learnt to always be aware of my surroundings in order to keep everyone safe in the workplace”.

Following the hour-long session, the students were shown around our production facilities by SWR’s Quality & Training Officer: Julie Hold. The aim was to give a quick overview of our production team in action and see them adhere to the health and safety principles learnt in the workshop.

This was the second year SWR have worked with Astley Cooper School to help young people and we’re delighted with the positive feedback. Erica Hodges, Work-Based Learning Co-ordinator at Astley Cooper, admits health and safety isn’t given much thought by the vast majority of students, making company visits even more important.

She said: “It is always a bit of a challenge helping young people to understand the relevance of health and safety in the workplace, not just to themselves but their colleagues as well.

“It was a very useful session and the tour of the premises, where they see the policies we have been discussing in action, is a great way to reinforce the message”.

“The Health and Safety workshop that SWR hosted was great. It increased my knowledge and awareness about the importance of being safe and responsible in the work place.” George Elson - Work-Based Learning Student

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