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Wrightfield Pools

Suffolk, England

Wrightfield are an engineering company who specialise in moving floors for commercial and residential swimming pools.

The Story

This innovative system is versatile enough for a number of purposes such as changing the water depth or even fully raising the floor so the space can be used for something else entirely. The variety of movement allows users to set deep and shallow depths separately all controlled by a panel for quick adjustments.

Wrightfield’s technology uses hydraulic rams with fitted pulleys that help to lift the pool floors up and down. Due to the immense pressure caused by movement, the pulley systems require extra-strong, high quality wire rope to function.

The Result

All wire rope used by Wrightfield to power their hydraulic rams is supplied by us. Also, due to the specialist nature of the order, we provided a number of services to ensure the components met Highfield’s exact specifications.

These services include stamping, cutting and fully testing the rope to meet industrial standards. Stainless steel ferules were additionally fitted in our workshop at Wrightfield’s request. Once happy with our work, the assemblies were sent to location – on time and on budget.

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