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Volta Catch

Lake Volta, Ghana

Lake Volta is a large reservoir located in central Ghana. The surface area of which is 8502 square kilometres, making it one of the largest reservoirs in the world.

The Story

The lake regularly attracts tourists and leisure cruises but its prime economic source is the fishing industry. Volta is populated by huge quantities of fish and is home to a number of large fisheries.

One of the main farms is Volta Catch who specialise in breeding tilapia-a type of freshwater fish that is extremely important to the fishing industry in Africa. Volta Catch differ from a lot of farms as they use no chemicals, anitbiotics or growth hormones. Energy use is also kept to a minimum while freshness is guaranteed thanks to a sophisticated cold chain process.

Volta Catch contacted SWR for advice on how to create the most effective netting system for containing their fish in Volta Lake. This resulted in us working closely with the customer to create the best wire rope, ferrule and tooling solution.

The Result

Due to their location, we thought 2mm 7x7 stainless steel RHOL wire rope was the best fit for Volta Catch’s requirements. This is partially due to its marine-grade stainless steel construction which ensures it won’t erode in water or adverse weather conditions.

Also 7x7 cables allow a greater degree of flexibility and has a higher breaking load compared to 7x19 wire rope. This is ideal for netting as it allows movement without compromising overall strength.

The wire rope was pressed with stainless steel ferrules in our designated workshop then fully tested to ensure quality before shipping. Of course, delivery to Ghana meant the order was subject to heavy documentation. All relevant documents were signed and stamped by the British Chamber of Commerce before shipping by our trusted courier.

The order was finally delivered on time and in perfect condition to Volta Catch in Ghana who now have the ideal netting components for their fishing business.

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