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With offices in the UK and Australia, SHADEmakers have supplied high-quality parasols and umbrellas around the globe since 2003.

The Story

Their parasols have appeared in locations owned by some of the biggest brands in the world including Red Bull, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. This is due to the large range of products and their commitment to only using the finest high-grade materials.

Their fabrics are specially selected to be highly resistant to fading and only marine–grade, anodised aluminium steel is used. This results in products which strike a balance between durability, protection and low maintenance for the customer.

SHADEmakers got in contact with SWR as they needed wire rope for a range of parasols that were being installed on a luxury yacht. Of course, due to the high standard of their products they expected the very best components.

The Result

Wire rope was needed to run through the top of each parasol in order for the winch system to work smoothly. Our Support Team recommended 7x19 stainless steel at 3mm diameter as the best wire rope to use.

7x19 rope is extremely flexible so versatile enough for a range of applications, especially for products which use winches or pulleys. Also the stainless steel construction ensures resistance against corrosion so perfect for use on yachts in ocean environments.

In addition, the customer ordered a hydraulic wire rope crimping tool to press and fit the components themselves. The whole order was delivered within the deadline and to SHADEmakers exact specifications.

SHADEmakers continue to use SWR to this day-not only for high-quality fittings but our industry knowledge and range of services. This includes contributing to the development of their ShadeArt side post parasols. We look forward to working with the team at SHADEmakers for many years to come.

“For several years, SWR have proven to be a reliable and cooperative partner. They’ve been especially helpful and knowledgeable during the development of our unique range of ShadeArt side post parasols. Each of these are handmade in the UK from British components including SWR cables and connectors” Mike Kirkby-Jones, Managing Director of SHADEmakers

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