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Ferry Terminal

Portsmouth, England

SWR are not just suppliers of quality fittings. We will also source components to the exact specification requested by the customer

The Story

One such project took us to Portsmouth where the customer asked us to provide bespoke fittings for a car park near the Ferry Terminal. This included a large order of steel wire rope for the elevated handrail/barrier situated around the car park.

Wire rope’s stainless steel construction ensures low maintenance and protection against the elements-especially in locations with harsher weather such as near the sea. Also, the material’s high breaking load is essential for coping with vehicles on impact.

As every project is different, sometimes we have to source the parts on request and that was the case with this particular order. Each piece had to be manufactured specifically to ensure the best outcome while a tight deadline meant we had no time to lose.

The Result

The bespoke nature of the project meant we had to source many of the components from external manufacturers to ensure the order was met.

Also, the Production Team had to cut wire rope assembly in a range of lengths as the safety barrier was not of a uniform size around the car park. This was carried out in our workshop with the ends swaged on specialist machinery at their request.

All assemblies were fully tested as part of our quality control process before shipment. For even more flexibility, we provided self- assembly fittings so the customer could alter the length of wire rope slightly if required. As you can see from the pictures, the end result was worth it.

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