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Skiing is an expensive business so when out on the slopes you want to make sure your skis are under lock and key when not in use.

The Story

That’s where Loqski comes in. Known as the “Smart Ski Lock”, Loqski is an innovative security device made for skiers concerned about their equipment going missing.

The Loqski is small enough to fit in your pocket thanks to the compact 60x70mm design. It’s foldable too and lightweight for portability. This innovative product is also designed, patented and manufactured in the UK so is a real British success story.

Made from a combination of zinc, stainless steel and glass-filled plastic, the Loqski is practically unbreakable and tested in extreme temperatures of up to -25C. Another key feature is the detachable cable that keeps your skis secure and firmly in place. After all, it doesn’t matter how strong the lock is if the cable’s easy to break.

The customer got in touch with SWR as they needed a solution for their cable tether-something that won’t break even when extreme pressure is applied. Of course, we were happy to help.

The Result

After meeting with the customer, it was decided 7x19 galvanized wire was the best product to use due to its flexibility and tough construction.

We also suggested the cable tether was fitted with heat-shrink over the ferrules. This served two purposes: to brand the cable with the Loqski logo and also to eliminate the risk of users cutting their fingers on any protruding wires. Additionally, it was decided the wire rope should be given a PVC coating for added protection and a professional look.

It was important that we hit the brief set for us. Therefore we supplied various samples until the customer were happy with the final design. We then got to work producing the cable tether on a mass scale in our production facility.

Initial batches of cables were originally manufactured by us. However, as the volumes increased, we out-sourced assembly to our over-seas factory to reduce costs for the customer. Overall, they were very happy with our services and we hope to do even more as Loqski grows from strength to strength.

“SWR supplied a great product but I’m also impressed with their commitment to providing the best possible service. From initial meeting through to final design, SWR listened closely to our requirements and played an important role in the cable tether’s evolution. Overall, I found them excellent to work with.” James Pittard - Director of Loqski International

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