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Locker Architectural

Milton Keynes, England

Located at the North and South entrance of Milton Keynes Central Shopping Centre are two eye-catching modern structures hung from tensioned wire rope.

The Story

The work of Warrington-based Company Locker Architectural, both structures were a huge challenge to create and install. Not only did both pieces have to be digitally modelled in 3D before construction could start but many specialised fittings had to be outsourced from various companies.

SWR were contacted by Locker Architectural to help bring the structures to life. Locker required wire rope in a diverse range of sizes to help secure the installations in place. Not only did the fittings have to be hard wearing but also blend in effortlessly with the sculptures Locker had created.

The Result

We used a wide range of components and a non-traditional building method to ensure the finished products were a seamless part of each structure.

Each fitting was put together using a Gripple to join two separate length assemblies. The tails were then gripped together using wire rope grips for additional security. Finally, the ends of each assembly were attached to an eyebolt on the ceiling by a Crosby shackle then onto the completed lighting installations.

The result is two striking works of art that shoppers can enjoy for years to come.

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