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Harrods Department Store

London, England

Harrods is one of the most iconic department stores in the world. It’s a popular destination for celebrities and tourists alike thanks to its rich history (Harrods first opened in 1834) and endless selection of high-quality products.

The Story

No time is Harrods busier than the winter months where thousands of shoppers descend to find the best Christmas presents. Due to the sheer number of visitors, safety has to be at a premium and that extends to all doors across Harrods’ seven floors and 330 departments.

Trios, a National provider of facility and property related services, approached SWR to create a wire-rope based solution so every one of Harrods’ doors could shut safely. The scale of the project meant that potentially 700 wire rope assemblies needed to be created.

The Result

Trios specified that each stainless steel wire rope assembly had to be coated at a 4mm diameter with two swage eyes. Our dedicated team created a number of different samples for Trios to approve before mass production could begin.

Once the strength and end fixings were approved, we got to work crafting the 700 wire rope assembles required. These were eventually shipped to Trios who installed them for Harrods over the Christmas period.

Trios were so impressed with the speed and quality of our service that we now provide regular wire rope assemblies for a lot of their major projects.

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