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C-Capture Ltd are an environmentally conscious organisation who use their cutting-edge technology to remove CO2 from large-scale sources of gas emissions.

The Story

It is well known that CO2 is a ‘greenhouse gas’ and one of the main causes of global warming. C-Capture use their years of expertise in chemistry and engineering to develop solvent systems which scrub CO2 from gas streams. Their technology is highly effective, uses low amounts of energy and suitable for installation in large scale applications such as power stations.

C-Capture worked on a project which required spelter sockets attached to the end of galvanized wire rope. Here at SWR, we provide a range of services to go with supplying high-quality fittings and services. This includes spelter socketing which can be a tricky process and requires experienced and trained production workers to perform.

The Result

To speed things up, we created a special jig to hold the rope fittings together. Next comes the process of brooming. This required each strand of cable to be separated and adjusted to create a hole for the Wirelock adhesive to run into. Once complete, the wire rope ends are cleaned with electrical de-greaser to strip away any grease lubrication.

The sockets are then slid into place over the wire rope ends. Putty is then moulded to the base to prevent the adhesive from leaking. Once we’re sure the spelter sockets are secure then the adhesive is added.

Wirelock is an incredibly strong adhesive that’s poured between every wire in order to bind the socket to the rope. This has to be done quickly as it becomes very hard in just 15 minutes. The sockets are then cleaned of any excess product and left to set.

Once set, we need to check our handiwork. A finished cable is put into our test machine and pull tested for quality assurance. Finally the rope and sockets are coiled, ready for delivery along with the relevant documents (material certificate, assembly certificate etc.).

Spelter socketing is just one of the many services we offer. For a full list, please check out our services page.

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