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AJ Hackett - SkyPark

Sochi, Russia

Situated in the picturesque Ahshtyrskaya canyon, Skypark is an adventure experience for those who like to live life on the edge. It represents the pinnacle of extreme sports activities with over 3.5 million thrill seekers making the journey to Sochi so far.

The Story

Right in the centre of Skypark is where you’ll find the Skybridge. A huge 439 metre suspension bridge, a dizzying 207 metres up in the air. Walking across it is enough to cause your legs to shake but the Skybridge is also home to the Park’s most gravity-defying attractions.

Firstly, there is the 207 metre bungee jump, and a 69 metre bungee for those a bit less daring. There is also a 179 metre swing, a rope course and a newly built zip line.

SWR were chosen to supply components for the zip line project. Wire rope is a vital part of zip line building due to its incredibly tough construction and flexibility that allows for movement without compromising the overall strength.

The Result

The massive scale of the project demanded 700 metres of Ø18mm 1x37 galvanized 1770N/mm2 RHOL spiral strand steel wire rope.

Research and Development with market leaders in the leisure industry, ensured the rope is less helical than standard wire. This leads to a smoother platform for the zip wire trolley and far less noise when in use. The wire rope was also class B galvanized to withstand the harsh Russian weather.

The spelter sockets were resin fixed in our workshop and all components were individually stamped for clear identification as per Standard BS EN 13411 -4 2011. The ropes were then strenuously tested and quality checked before shipping to Russia.

Installation deadlines were tight and the delivery was subject to heavy export documentation so we had to move fast. All products were expertly packaged by one of our trusted couriers then relevant documents signed, stamped and certified by the British Chamber of Commerce.

The fittings were delivered on time and in perfect condition to our customer in Russia. We are now working on our next project with AJ Hackett and intend to achieve the same level of success.

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