Zip Wires

SWR supply fully assembled Wire Ropes and associated components for your Zip Wire Systems. Whether it's for residential or commercial applications, SWR can help. Contact us now to get a "no obligation" quote.

We can provide everything that you need to get your system started in two different kits. Our 6mm kits are perfect for residential use and our 10mm kits are ideal for commercial use.

6mm Domestic Zip Wire  
10mm Commercial Zip Wire

The Zip Wire

SWR recommend using 7x19 Galvanised Steel Wire Rope for Zip Wires as it's very flexible and has a high breaking load capacity.
Our Zip Wires are supplied complete with Thimble Eyes, Wire Rope Grips, Turnbuckles and Safety Shackles for a safe and easy installation around trees or support structures. We can also supply all the components separately.

Alternative specifications are available to suit the various requirements you may have for your specific Zip Wire System.

Click the image below for more information on 7x19 Galvanised Zip wire rope.

7x19 Zip Wire Construction


In addition to the Zip Wires, we can supply all associated components listed below, available from stock.

3m Spring Brake

Stainless Steel Spiral Brake spring 3m in length. Used to slow the rider down in a controlled manner. A great alternative to the traditional tyre (which causes a pendulum effect). Simply feed the Zip Wire through the Spring Brake Assembly and clamp into place.

Part No. SWRZWS300
Tandem Pulley

The Petzl Tandem Pulleys are the fastest of the transport pulleys and is specifically designed for lower-angle Zip Wires. Stainless steel sheaves for excellent durability. Maximum allowable speed: 20 m/s

Part No. SWRP21SPE
Karabiner Locking Clip

Used to secure the Pulley to either the Button Seat or the Lanyard
(see below). Compact shape which is easy to use with one hand.
Automatic locking system (TRIACT-LOCK).

Part No. SWRM33TL

The Petzl Lanyard is designed for the connection between the Harness and the Pulley on a Zip Wire. Made from rope, one end is a sewn loop allowing the user to secure their Harness using a Lark's foot knot (negates the use of a Karabiner making it more comfortable). The other end has a protected eyelet helping to reduce wear and retain the Karabiner in an upright firm position.

Part No. SWRL36IU070
Leg/Body Harness

The Petzl Harness has been designed specifically for Zip Wires. Robust and easy to use, this Harness fits all, covering a very wide range of body sizes, from children to adults, and is simple to adjust.

Part No. SWRC28AUA
Button Seat

A 250mm rubber Button Seat with anti slip surface with soft sides for comfort. 4mm steel insert for stability. Supplied with a 2m x 8mm chain.