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Highways England

United Kingdom

Highways England are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the country’s motorways and A Roads. This includes the installation of safety barriers.

The Story

There are many different barriers but a common type are those which use wire rope. This is because the material can provide a high breaking load, well suited to absorbing the energy generated by vehicles on impact. Cable barriers are also reasonably quick to install and easy to maintain compared to other types.

We were contacted by a company to provide high-quality wire rope for their cable barriers. These would then be supplied to Highways England for use on roads and motorways across the country.

The Result

Large wire rope had to be strenuously tested in our workshop to match the breaking load requested by the customer. This was carried out by our in-house machinery to determine the Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) and Actual Breaking Load (ABL) of the wire rope.

Once complete, the assemblies were delivered to our customer then integrated into the barriers for further testing. We now regularly supply wire rope fittings for use by the Highways Agency across the country.

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