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Port Handling Wire Ropes

Port Handling Wire Ropes

Port Handling Wire Ropes

Worldwide handling of goods is continually increasing every year. Therefore the harbours operate on the boarder to their capacity limit although already working day and night. In order to make profitable use of these devices: Safety and reliability are crucial for ropes used on harbour mobile cranes.

The quick loading and unloading of ships is a requirement for reducing needless costs and for profitable operation. The use of high-performance steel wire ropes significantly contributes to the high reliability of ship to shore cranes: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Different harbour applications such as Straddle-carriers, RTG’s or RMG’s have one thing in common: a non-scheduled down-time of a crane may cause high costs and loss. Backup cranes are rarely – if ever – available. A steel wire rope requires high service life reserves until the next planned crane inspection. TEUFELBERGER has specialized in these requirements.



Years of continuously setting incredible standards in the manufacturing of rotation resistant and non-rotation crane ropes in various construction and engineering sectors has given SWR & Teufelberger a real cutting edge when providing customers with solutions to their steel wire rope requirements.


With over 130 years’ experience in the manufacturing of steel wire ropes Teufelberger strive to continuously maintain and improve quality by using only the highest quality of raw materials, professional quality inspections and modern state of the art manufacturing facilities when producing their SUPERFILL® and PLASTFILL® multi-strand steel wire ropes.


Each single strand of wire that is used in the manufacturing process of Teufelbergers ropes is used with purpose. From the core out to the exterior of all wire ropes they are designed with sophisticated engineering by professional bodies to provide innovative and tailor-made solutions.


Offering worldwide availability for both parts and wire rope along with the latest SUPERFILL® and PLASTFILL® rope technologies Teufelberger guarantee the highest of safety for your daily operations along with extremely high breaking forces and high resistance to challenging conditions.


All materials are fully certified and have full traceability in line with our ISO9001 procedures. All ropes are manufactured to the European standard EN 10204 3.1/LR

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