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5xK26WS - SFC

5xK26WS - SFC

Product Details

5xK26WS - SCF is a unique construction of steel wire rope, designed for use with the majority of pulling machines, this construction has a synthetic fiber core and is of a compacted design to ensure smother running through a pulling machine and around pullys.

Breaking Loads - 1960 N/mm2
Out. Wire
Minimum Breaking Force
Length Mass
0.67 5.250 0.250
9.50 0.75 6.809 0.340
10.20 0.83 8.461 0.390
0.93 9.531 0.480
14.00 1.15 16.004 0.740
1.15 19.776 1.010
  *5 x K31WS - SFC

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