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Swaging Machine Hire

Swaging Machine A200

Powerful & Portable

A perfect machine for swaging on-site. Low weight and small outer dimensions makes it extremely portable.

Typical applications:

  • Standing rigging and lifelines for sailboats. The Swedish Navy uses it for making railing.
  • Architectural, like balustrades and railing.
  • Scenographic use at theaters for hanging and supporting set pieces.
  • Extensively used for on-site swaging of wire fall protection systems on roofs and buildings.
  • Structural rigging for hang gliders and ultra-light airplanes.
  • Anchoring of weather balloons.
  • Oceanographers use it for swaging winch wire ropes for their surveying instruments.
  • Lifting strops for fuel rods at nuclear power plants.
  • Structural rigging for sail-roofs and sail-shades.

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A200 Hydraulic Pump Unit
  Machine Description Part Number Required
  A200 Hydraulic Pump Unit HIREROLLERSWAGE-A200
Dies for Forks, Studs & Eyes
  Metric UNF Part Number Required
  3mm 1/16" HIREDIESA200-03
  4mm 5/32" HIREDIESA200-04
  5mm 3/16" HIREDIESA200-05
  6mm 1/4" HIREDIESA200-06
  8mm 5/16" HIREDIESA200-08
Dies for Studs
  Metric UNF Part Number Required
  M10 - M5 1/4” -  7/16” HIREDIESA200-M10/M5
  M12 - M6 3/8" - 9/16" HIREDIESA200-M12/M6
  M14 - M8 1/2" - 5/16" HIREDIESA200-M14/M8
  M16 5/6” HIREDIESA200-M16
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