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Hand Operated 25 Tonne Press

25 Tone Press

Product Details

Our reliable hand operated 25 tonne press is a particularly suitable entry-level model for the mechanical splicing of wire rope ferrules it is easy to use, and sets itself apart thanks to its attractive price.

  • Suitable for the following ferrules
  • Aluminium ferrules up to ZEN 6
  • Nirosta ferrules up to Code 5
Technical Data
Attribute Value Unit
Max. pressure capacity 250 kN
Max. piston stroke 20 mm
Max. oil pressure 400 bar
Swaging die take up for dies (W x H) 38 x 42 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 280 x 156 x 315 mm
Weight 30 kg
Oil capacity 0,23 L

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